How to append selected attributes from set selector on generated document.

Hey, I have one entity in my domain model which contain selected document. I used checkbox set selector to select documents and which is running as I want we can select multiple checkboxes and I have one generate document button and when I click on that button it generate document in pdf format and I want to append these selected document names on my document. I have checkboxes to select document name. I have page template which display content on document I put data view on that template and select entity which consist of selected document from set selector. these is my template document which shows  Error  mapping needs to be refreshed    These is my microflow. after refreshing parameters    dataView4 doesent contain argument and if I add argument ( if I am not added argument then it shows error that add argument ) then it shows error   so How I append selected document on my document.
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Hi Bhakti,


It isn't very clear to me, but as far as I understand, your flow (behind the button) is either expecting an object or a list. You need to make a choice there and adjust the logic.

Especially on your last dialogic, it says: Árgument for paramter "dataview’ (which means it expects only 1 object, and not a list. Your argument is alist. That wont work. So you can put a listview on the page, where the flow is navigating to, or give an single object as parameter.


Good luck,