Conditional Background Color of a Data Grid and export to excel with same style

Hi, We have a requirement where we are displaying the data into a data grid and based on some condition we need to highlight the Background color for that row. i.e. We have a field in Data Grid Name "Amount (Decimal Type)" if Amount field value is 0 that mean we need to show Amount's column background as Green if amount is more 1-4 then Yellow if amount is more than 4 means we need to show background color as Red, and same style should be apply pull data into Excel by using  export to excel functionality Pls Advice. Regards, Aman
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You should take a look at this widget:

And if you want to style Excel you should make your data accesible by OData and retrieve the data this way. Then you can do the styling in Excel and just refresh the data everytime with OData. Or use a paid module like templater . Then you can create an Excel template with all the styling and merge the data into the Excel file.