text field right alignment - mission impossible?

Hello,  I would like to align the text in multiple text fields to the right. Seems like that with Mendix it’s absurdly impossible. Any magicians here? First attempt: Failed I tried using css: aligning the text to the right (text-align:right)  text direction Understanding the component: Failed After changing the background to some radical red color, I understood that I might be dealing with a components which includes the text field (see below).  Normally, background-color:red; would change the background of the text field. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case.  Following documentation: Failed I found this article: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/front-end/styles  Following the instructions didn’t help: putting “text-right” in class under the properties didn’t change anything.   How should I align the text to the right? any ideas?
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so I think you are trying to align the text in the input field to the right.

you will need to target the text in the input field, and not the parent.

maybe use a modifier class such as “form-right”


.form-right .form-control{
text-align: right;