Browser Tab Naming based on an attribute

Hello, my team is looking for a better way to dynamically set the browser tab name/page title using an attribute that is on the page. We are using custom JS to accomplish this now, but have users who say it sometimes works and it sometimes doesn’t. An example of this would be a ticketing system that generates a number for a ticket and that ticket number will be on the browser tab/be set as the page title.   Any suggestions or examples of what you may be doing are greatly appreciated.  
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Did you take a look in the appstore?,-Buttons)





We had to create a custom widget to achieve this. The JavaScript needs to delay for a short while before changing the title as the Mendix application itself will also try to set the page title, which can mean it being overwritten. Adding the delay means managing page transition events as a user clicking through the back button quickly could cause a previous page’s title to be shown for example. In this case you need to cancel the title change if the user navigates away.

A better way to handle dynamic page titles as part of the Mendix platform itself would be great.