How do you handle test users in your production environment?

Hi, A plan we had from the beginning was that we should not have any test users mixed with the real users on the production server. This since it felt like there would be weird scenarios when they interact or even bad feelings if they at first do not understand that it is a test user they interact with. As I add more modules, more complexity, more email templates and more user roles there is an increasing suspicion that at some point things deviate between the acceptance and production server. Something is forgotten, a corner case is not covered or simply bad luck when updating old data. Do you use test users in your production environment or do you ? Is there a best practice or do any of you have set up rules of how to handle them? Kind regards Johan
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Sometimes you need to access production with a special user role to see what this role can see. Or to understand an error that happens on production but nowhere else. ... I think there are a lot of valid reasons why you want to do this.

In this case, I don't like the idea of using a real users account. That's where the test users enter the stage and they can be very helpful.

If you don't want them to stay in your system, you could only create them on demand and remove them when your work is done.