Not getting preview or any error in the app - LearnNow Training Management

Hi All I followed all the steps to create LearnNow Training Management app according to the Rapid Developer (Analyst Based) Course till first time it is previewed. List of errors (like “Select the entity of which this button should create an object”) should have come at step 4.5 but my app is not showing any error nor I am able to preview anything in any view (Responsive/Tablet/Mobile view). Please suggest what can be done in such a case. Thank you in advance
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A recent update to Mendix has resulted in the mentioned errors no longer being thrown. The buttons that have been the cause of the errors in the past have had their action property set from ‘Create Object’ to ‘Nothing’ in the template. We are in the process of updating the content of the course to reflect this change. 

With regards to not being able to see the preview, that one is a bit more tricky as you are not seeing any errors. It is therefore difficult to ascertain what is going on. I’m afraid I don’t have a solution for you with this amount of information. 

At this point, I would advise you to start a new project and use the Academy Blank App as a starting point.