Associated Fields when asked for inputting , do not allow edit

I am developing LearningApp. I am at the stage of creating Training Event Detail Edit page. The page looks like below.  When I preview the App, I am not able to edit/Pick the Location Or Course Details. Any idea why these fields are non-editable?  I have created the page using same guideline ( Use actual attributes from TrainingEvent entity StartDate and EndDate and drag and Drop the DropDown attributes for linking to Course Name, Location Name etc)
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I got this solved myself. 

I recreated the TrainingEventDetail page more carefully and realized I had chosen Text Boxes instead DropDown for associated entities.

Now it all looks good. Thanks!


Functionally you cannot modify anything but start- and end date because all you do is add another version of the same training.

Technically, probably you cannot modify the other attributes because of the access rules of those attributes, combined with the role of the current user. Check out the domain model, open the entity and check out the last tab ‘Access rules’