Importing project mpk file

Hi, I am beginner to Mendix.  I have project .mpk file; how can I download using mendix studio (not pro) ?   Thanking you in advance!
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Unfortunately I believe it is not possible to download the MPK file if you're not using Studio Pro.

Studio Pro is free to use, also for free apps. You can download it here:


Assuming you do not have a Team Server project linked to this .mpk or you want to venture off with your own project:

  1. Download & install the latest version of the Mendix Studio Pro (as of writing I recommend latest stable:7.23.6 (build 53654) as Martin mentioned here:
  2. Open Mendix Studio Pro
  3. Click on File → Import Project Package...→ Navigate to your .mpk Project file
  4. Here you can select to Create a new project by uploading this current one to Team Server 
  5. After doing this, you can open the Mendix Studio from the browser and find your new project to work with at 


I hope this helps