Quickly add multiple attributes together into an entity

Good Day, When building domain-models I find that it is time consuming to add each and every attribute, individually, to the entities. It would be useful and faster to be able to add many attributes together. Is there no way at this current time to add multiple attributes to a single entity in one go? Of course the issue may be that I might want to add different types to an attribute or a certain type of validation, however after the initial add I could go back and change the individual attributes that I need to.  
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Hello Brent,

I think you’re looking for the Model/Platform SDK.

This allows you to do your modelling with code, which could be quite fast for adding attributes.

Hope this helps.


One other possibilit which is not per se quicker nor easier is the use of sdk to define entities and attributes and associations.

Another Idea which (i proposed similar in the idea part) is to read from a json or and create automatically 


Once you have an Entity opened and clicked in the attribute area, you can use the following keyboard sequence:

  • Ctrl+N to add a new attribute
  • Enter Attribute name
  • Tab, Tab to focus the type field
  • Enter the first letter of the type, repeat until the target type is selected (e.g. press B, B, to select Boolean)
  • Press Return to close the attribute page
  • Repeat

This is how I usually do it.

If most/all of the attributes have the same type, you could also download one of the many Macro Recorder tools and save that sequence. Maybe try some scriptable tool to prepare a Macro script which includes all of the Names/Types (I reckon AutoHotKey could do the job).