Not able to use mendix studio once worked on studio pro.

Hi Team, I created an app on studio pro and then launch it on studio pro 9.21 version. But when I again want to open it in mendix studio I am getting an error “Mendix studio not enable for this app”.   Can any one please help me out. There is link to the document but not getting any exact details how can I open my app in studio back again. Please help me please.
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See the documentation here:

It is about this part:

Studio cannot be used to develop the app if it is not enabled for any development lines.





Although @Ronald was correct in referring to the relevant documentation, the important part here is that you started the application in Mendix 9.21, which also happens to be the version that no longer support collaborative development using Mendix Studio.


You have two choices, only of of which is future-proof:

- Start again in a lower version of Mendix to use both Studio Pro and Studio (not preferred)

- Stop using Mendix Studio (preferred)


```Mendix Studio is no longer supported for apps with Mendix version 9.21 or above.```