Forcing to use Mendix Studio Pro

I use Mendix for a course that I teach at a University. In prior years I have the students using ONLY Mendix studio to develop applications. It is that time of year again. But this year, I am having issues. On Creating a Blank app with the blank template, it says I have to go into Studio Pro to allow me to set it back to being used in Studio. I have never installed Studio Pro, as I am working on a Mac environment. On trying to open previously created applications, it only gives me the option to view my application or edit it in Studio Pro. Again, these prior developed applications were never made or edited using Studio Pro. I went into the advanced settings of the templates to see if there were ANY templates available for Studio, and there are not any – in the drop-down, it only allows you to select prior Studio Pro versions of the template.   Installing Studio Pro is NOT the solution. The course is fully designed around the students only using Studio.   Hoping there is an easy fix for this.
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Hi Karina, 

Mendix Studio only supports apps built in Mendix 9.20 and below. Apps built with Mendix 9.21 or above can be opened with Studio Pro. For more information, see the blog post Coming in 2023: The Merging of Studio and Studio Pro


When creating a blank app it automatically creates a project in Mendix 9.24 I think, therefor you see no option to use Studio anymore. 


When choosing Template 'Studio Pro version 9.20' from the Advanced dropdown,

you will be creating an app that is still Studio Enabled too.


You can find the ‘Edit in Studio’ option on the My Apps page.

(by clicking the 3 dots … menu item of the app)