Version control features are disabled suddenly

Hi Team, I have a local project where my changes are done on the main line. This changes includes the version upgrade from 7.14 to 7.23.15. As part of commit i  clicked on the update button. After this project is disabled with the version control features and it is throwing me this message "This is not a version controlled project.Use the menu item project->more versioning->upload to version control server" to get version control features and my project directory is having .lock file generated every time even if i delete. My all local projects for this application is having the same issue. so kindly help me with the next steps to get the correct changes and commit it to the team server. Thanks a lot
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Did you try downloading a fresh version from the teamserver first? Because if that is working then something must have changed for your local project(s). If it is not working than goto the sprintr environment to double check that your project is still there.
But if downloading does work you need to make your changes in that fresh downloaded version. If you have made a lot of changes in your local project and you are absolutely sure it is the same project you could delete the files in the downloaded app (but keep the hidden .svn map) and then copy the files over. You should be able to commit again. But beware of this action because this one is offcourse risky.






do you think .svn file removal will cause this kind of issues?.