How to get microflow variable details while using Mendix Platform SDK

All, I have below snippet for(const microflowBase of model.allMicroflowBases()){ if(microflowBase.qualifiedName?.includes(moduleName)){ const loadedFlow = await microflowBase.load() const microflowWithParameters = loadedFlow.objectCollection.objects.find(element => element instanceof microflows.MicroflowParameter) if(!!! microflowWithParameters) console.log(`Microflow with parameter: ${microflowBase.qualifiedName}`) } }   Gives me microflows.MicroflowObject also for the console.log i am able to see Microflow with parameter: ModuleName.MicroflowName   But I need to know the specifics of the Microflow variable. For example, I had a string-type variable for this Microflow.
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Use filter (for a list) and MicroflowParameterObject


      const microflowWithParameters = loadedFlow.objectCollection.objects.filter(element => element instanceof microflows.MicroflowParameterObject)

see this serialized code

var lDAPBaseName1 = microflows.MicroflowParameterObject.create(model);
	lDAPBaseName1.relativeMiddlePoint = {"x":100,"y":0};
	lDAPBaseName1.size = {"width":30,"height":30}; = "LDAPBaseName";
	lDAPBaseName1.variableType = objectType1;