Uploaded image not associated with connected entity

Hi, I’m new here! I am doing this tutorial (https://docs.mendix.com/studio-how-to/pages-how-to-attach-images/) to try to build a vocabulary app that lets the user add vocabulary card. Everything works nicely, now I would like to add images to the vocabulary cards. I’ve followed the tutorial and the file upload works, but the images do not get associated with the cards. When I create a page that just shows all images, they appear. But when I select one card and try to see the images connected to it, I see nothing. I hope the following images help:       PS: I have confirmed multiple times that I did the exact same thing as in the tutorial. It is also the studio version used on the web, so versions should not be the problem.
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I think the tutorial has an error, it states that you need to use open page button and change the parameters to create object.

This will result in a new attachment object to be created and opened in a page. The user is able to add images in the table and when retrieving the data this is available, but there is no association set to the vocab entity (or report entity in the tutorial). Because the association is missing the data will not be displayed in the vocab entity.

In this case you’d need a call microflow button with a create activity for the attachment and in the creat action set the association to the vocab entity that you get as the input parameter. Then add a second activity to open the page with the uploader widget. That should do the trick.