Unable to type into form

  PLEASE someone help me. I’m trying to use a form as a way for ‘customers’ to leave store reviews on an assignment. When I go to preview though it does not allow me to type into the form. I have it in a data container under ‘store’ and my attribute set as ‘review’ (an entity associated with store as I want to be able to have multiple reviews per store). What could I be doing wrong that is preventing it from allowing me to type into the form? Any help is appreciated.    I added pictures for reference.   
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Hey Sara,

Have you switched on security in the Mendix studio?

Let me know please


Hi Sara,


Rishabh is referring to these settings. If this is enabled, you’ll have to grant your use read+write rights on the entity Review, to be able to read/edit the attributes.


As an app is built in preview mode from studio I’d expect you not to be able to enter any data.

Publish the app and open the app to interact with the form would be the option to test your app and enter some data.(https://docs.mendix.com/studio/publishing-app/)