How to Add Customer Reviews

I’m struggling with adding customer reviews to my project. I can’t seem to get the reviews to actually save. Any help would be appreciated. 
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Hey Sara,

Make an entity of Feedback and keep its attributes on the basis of what you want the user to input in the review form and make its association (*-1) with the store,


Add a ‘create button’ on the page where you want a customer to see the review option, 

On the click of that button, use a create the object of feedback entity and show it on a new page and pass the store object on that page, and on the feedback page, first use a dataview of the store object, and inside that dataview, put the dataview of feedback object, as soon as the user clicks on save button, call a microflow, and then you can use the change object activity to associate the feedback with the store and commit then and don’t forget to close the page.


Let me know if you face any issues

Hope it helps!



Hello Sara,


What do you mean by customer reviews? The mendix feedback widget in which you can write feedback directly into sprintr?


Hej Sara,

you can download it here.

Mendix Marketplace - Mendix Feedback Widget


add the customer to the Team, then they can see the app and make feedbacks.