List View / Button Visibility according to logged in user

  Hello, I have a ListView with different tasks. These tasks contain the CreatorName and a Edit/Delete button Each user that is logged in can view all tasks but the Edit/Delete Button should just be visible for the users where the CreatorName is equal to the logged in User ($currentUser) I tried to make an expression in the ‘Visibility’ section of the button with an Xpath expression, but it says that there are no associations possible. Is there another way to change Visibilty of that button according to the currentUser? Thank you!
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I think the visibility Xpath entity starts in the Task Entity, and you should find the associations to Account in the Marketplace Module Administration select the \id and that should be equal to $currentUser

Something like:

[task/task_empployee/employee/employee_account/account/id = $currentUser]