Pie chart from enumeration

Hello everyone, I’m a new Mendix user. I have a question about my project, my project is from excel spreadsheet. I want to create a Pie chart (shows how many official/Unofficial case)  from my data which is an enumeration( officialUnofficial). My pain point is in pie chart need 1)name attribute 2)value attribute, I don’t know how to set it, So if you guy knows how to do this case, please.
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It is more complex then you would expect, mainly because of the buildup of the data. You can copy paste from https://mydemoversion8-sandbox.mxapps.io/p/charts. Have a look. It contains a lot of charts.

You can download the .mpk of that app at https://github.com/TimvanSteenbergen/MyDemoVersion8. In that app, see module Charts and look for the pie.