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Hello ! I´m trying to develop a Shopping Cart in Mendix Studio. Can anybody help me with the microflow, how can I design the microflow so that products can be added to the shopping cart?  Sorry, a few terms are in german Here are some screenshots from my application:    
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Hi Tugce,


I assume you mean the add to cart microflow? In that case I would take the following steps:

  1. Associate Order with account. This way you can retrieve the order of the current user.
  2. Add a quantity attribute to product info. Here a customer can indicate how many of a product he wants to order.
  3. When you start the microflow, you give the productinfo as a parameter to the flow.
  4. Then you retrieve the order from the database, by using a retrieve action which retrieves the order associated to current account.
  5. Then you can associate the productinfo, with the order.
  6. When you want to see all the products in an order. You can now retrieve all productinfos related to that order and then get the names of these products over assosciation.

Let me know if you have any questions


first, 4th page looks like a new edit page for product. There is save button. It is better to make it an apart apart page. And are you going to fanelize shopping in that page? If so 

Then the microflow 

1- Retrieve customer with $current user.

2- Retrieve een open order or create new order.

3-Make association with order and product without commit. (You will do it after that page, I seee)

4- Show the  chart page.