Compare Object field with Current user

I have a an entity which one of the fields is a “userName” field. How do I create a datagrid with xpath-constrains to retrieve only records that the “userName” field matches the currentUser ? Lets say that after login, current user is “Tom” and lets say below is my entity   I want to be able to do something like this: [ userName=[%currentUser] ] In this case it will retrieve 2 objects  Honda Civic Tom Chevrolet Impala Tom I could probably use a microflow to retrieve the data, but there are thousands of records and a microflow takes forever to retrieve all the data. xpath works much faster.
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Hi Alex, it is'nt possible directly via currentuser, because the current user isn't available at client side as an object. 

Is it true that there are still thousands of records when you have the constraint of current user added to your XPath? If this constraint brings down the amount of records to 1000 or less, then a grid will perform fine normally.

If there are too many records left you can work with paging in microflows as well.