Charting problems - how can I display multiple y values for 1 value of x?

I am trying to build a chart function that shows a score out of 10 on the y-axis and the date of an interview on the x-axis. There may be multiple scores out of 10 for one day. As it stands the chart doubles up on top of each other. For example, if 3 interviews are taken on a Monday with scores 2,7,9 – a single bar will be included with a total y value of 18 (2+7+9) rather than including 3 separate bars on the Monday with each individual value. How can I create a chart format which allows me to display multiple values of y for a single value of x?    Please see below for a comparison of what I have vs what I want and example of what I want built in excel. Any help would be much appreciated! 
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Hello Kaiyan. The plotly plugin automatically detects whether coordinates have the same x-axis. What you could do is make the bars group instead of stack on top of each other. You would have to play around with the layout options of the graph: 

A grouped bar chart looks like this: 

There is also a setting called bargroupgap where you can change the distance between the grouped bars. With that option you could make the distance between all bars equal.