Is their Static IP for Mendix Cloud i.e for Sandbox environment and Is their any cache memory on Mendix cloud which stores data?

In my app Data is coming from API which is hosted on IIS of local server. I want to access data on Mendix cloud so, have couple of queries that whether sandbox has static IP and if yes what is IP address? and cache memory storage on sandbox cloud? Does below IP Addresses are of Sandbox environment and if yes does their are only three or it changes?
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Your app will only use one of those IP addresses at a time, but it could even change between different deployments. If you need to whitelist an IP, you should whitelist all three. Make sure you secure your API with another method beyond just the whitelist!


As for your cache question:

  • Persisted (blue) entities in a domain model can be committed to the app’s database, which lives in the cloud. Whether you commit that data is up to the developer
  • Non-persisted (yellow/orange) entities are memory only objects
  • The Mendix server runtime is stateless, so it has no client session cache. Data is only in server memory for the duration of a request. None of your data is cached between requests

And this information is not correct. Mendix does not guarantee static IP adresses. Yes, the IP adresses seems to be quite constant but that is not a guarantee. They might change without Mendix telling you (Edit, they changed this part. They now seems to tell you 48 hours in advance).

See this part in the documentation:

Incoming IP addresses are liable to change without notice and should not be used to access the application.

Mendix will endeavor to maintain the current outgoing IP addresses. However, they may change for operational reasons and this is subject to a 48-hour notice period.






Mendix uses the  static IP addresses. It depends on the Mendix cloud region – For  details, Refer

If you need further information, please file a support ticket with Mendix Support.