I cant edit in MENDIX Studio an App created in MENDIX Studio Pro

Hi, I’m currently doing the “Become a Rapid Dveloper (Analyst)”  course from the MENDIX Academy Learning Path. After finishing the module “From MENDIX Studio to MENDIX Studio Pro”, I’ve commited the App to be uploaded to the MENDIX Web Domain. Then I’ve tried to open it from MENDIX Studio, but there is a pop-up window stating the following message:  “No Development Line Selected – Medix Studio is not yet enabled for a development line in this App. Assign it to a specific development line in Mendix Studio Pro”. Could you please tell me how to do it? My Mendix Studio Pro version is 8.10.1 Thanks 
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Open project in Mendix Studio Pro and click Version Control,and click Manage Branch Lines, then select respected mainline or branch line which you want to open in Mendix Studio and hit ‘Enable for Mendix Studio’. So from here it enables the Mendix Studio for respected development line in your application. 

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