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It seems that every time i create a new app in Mendix Studio, it creates it in the latest version of Mendix   and since i have Mendix Studio Pro ver 8.8 installed on my machine , if i try to edit the app created in Mendix Studio, inside Mendix Studio Pro, it gives me an error about version mismatch (atleast thats what i think the issue is as there is no clear error message and it used to work when the latest version was 8.8). I just get this message on the screen : Ofcourse i can update the Mendix Studio Pro version but i dont want to do it everytime there is a new version is out For Example , at present the latest mendix version available is 8.10  and i have Mendix Studio Pro 8.8 installed on my machine. If i create an app in Mendix Studio and later try to edit the same in Mendix Studio Pro 8.8, available on my system, it doesnt launch the app in Studio Pro, instead just hangs at the web page shown above. In the above image i have also highlighted that i have Mendix Studio Pro 8.8 already open in my machine and also i click on the Option “Open Mendix.VersionSelector”
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Mendix Studio always uses the newest Mendix version when creating a new project. If you want to create an older version, as you seem to be trying, you will have to do this using your local Mendix Studio Pro from the Studio Pro version that you want the project to be.


Just out of curiosity ……...while using mendix studio, if a new app is created it will be created in the latest Mendix version, but if you open an existing app created in some old version, it opens it successfully too, does this mean :

  • it is opening it in old version


  • it opens it in new version only and its able to open as it has backward  compatibility 


  • it opens and ports\converts it to the new version



Hi Taylor,


 For Studio Pro, there is one working copy for each development line of the app. This model is held locally, on each computer where development work is taking place.

For Studio, there is one additional working copy, held in the cloud. Only one developer at a time can edit this.


If Studio is ENABLED for this development line, the process first ensures that the Studio working copy is stored as a new revision and merged into the working copy of Studio Pro. If there are no conflicts, the changes are then sent to the repository to make a new revision.

You can find more details about this topic in below document






  1. Studio does support older Mendix versions of the latest Major version.
    • If you want to see your app version in Studio, Click the ‘three dots’ on the top right → About Studio
    • version upgrades can be performed via the Settings option in the left menu
    • Note: for previous major versions that are still supported, like Mx 8, only the latest LTS version is supported. Auto-upgrade option will then be presented when opening the app in Studio
  2. By default new apps created on are created in the latest version; but for most templates, like Blank Web App, you have the ‘Advanced Settings’ option during creation. There you can use a template version in a previous Mendix version too.