Creating a Weekly Time-Sheet

My classmates and I are working on Mendix Studio Pro (For the first time) to create an app – which supports software project Management –  as our course project. We need to create weekly time sheets for each employee. Where each Employee will: Put in  project-IDs and activities that they have worked on each day (through out the week). Put in hours they have worked on each project  and type of activity And enter more details….. As of now: Our each time-sheet object can contain only one data-line in each attribute. e.g  TimeSheet1: (Create Object) Start_Date, End_Date, EmployeeID, Hours_Worked, Project.  But we are struggling on how to enter more than one entry in each timesheet - Since each employee may work on several projects (and with many clients) through out the week. and each time-Sheet will contain several transactions.       We will highly appreciate if someone can help us figure out this part. Sufficient concept clarity  or even a link to specific tutorial would do. Thank you! 
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Start with your domain model and only once that is ok, create your registration-form. You might consider this data modelling course.

When your most logic description of your model does not match with the reality, like in “time-sheet object can contain only one data-line in each attribute” is not coherent with “ weekly time sheets for each employee“ you will have a hard time creating the form. It is an indication that you need to reconsider the timesheet entity.

In real life a timesheet covers a certain period of time and has multiple timelimes, possibly more than one per day for different projects, projecttasks or persons and of course every day a new one. So you have a timesheet-entity and a timeline-entity with a 1-* relation. The timesheet can even be non-persistent, since it only groups some timelines. Maybe by week if the employees need to register their hours at the end of the week at latest, Or by month because the company bills per month. The entity timeline has a date, a person and a project as key, maybe also a task as well. As attribute of course the number of hours and optionally a start- and endtime.


Something like this, where Realization is your Timeline. As you see, no Timesheet,


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