The selected page expects an object of type, which is not available here

Hi all, First time posting on the forum, hopefully someone can help :) I am getting this error: The selected page 'Match_Overview' expects an object of type 'Match', which is not available here. To my understanding the object 'Match' is available on this page. Here are the screenshots of the page, the domain model, and the error message. Page:   Error:   Domain model:   Thanks is advance!
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Hi Frank,


You are trying to open a page that requires an object from the menu. You can either retrieve the object on the page via a microflow or call a microflow from the menu that retrieves the object and opens the page, providing the object to the page.

Hope that helps.




Hello Frank,


To open the Match_Overview page, you need to pass a match object with it as the page parameter. This means you need to re-design your menu page. You could create a new page for when you select Matches in your menu, which will show a data grid with your matches. On this data grid you could make a Details button on it which will pass the selected Match as page parameter, and display the selected Matchs data in your Match_Overview page.