Why are mails about retracted versions only sent to the Technical Contact?

Hi,   All Mx 7.17.x versions and Mx 7.18.0 were retracted, this was only communicated with the technical contacts of projects with this version. A lot of people will not be aware of issues with these versions because they did not receive any communication about it. Imho anyone who downloaded this version should be notified about the retraction of that version. Why is this only communicated with technical contacts of projects with that specific version on a node? With kind regards, Stephan
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Hi Stephan, 

The technical contact is the first point of contact for Customer Support. The TC is the person who can best initiate a decision if the app needs to be migrated based on the reason of the retraction. 

In addition it could indeed be useful to send a message to everyone who downloaded that version. It would be even better to have a pop up in the modeler on startup and another one on deployment. We wil probably work on adding that option to our platform. 

Thanks for your feedback, 

Nilco Boven 

Director Customer Support Mendix


Imho I think that ALL technical contacts should receive the notice no matter what the version is. Because for instance we are in the middle of a sprint to goto this new version (and thus have not yet a node on that version) we do not get a notice while it seriously impacts my sprint.