Randomly losing access to Teamserver project, according to the Modeler

Hi guys 'n gals, This is just to see if other people are experiencing the same issue. I've got a project in Mendix 7.17.2, and every now and then when wanting to commit I get an error message stating I've got no access to the Team Server for this project. Signing out and signing back in fixes the problem, for that commit, but some time later I get the same message.   Anyone else experiencing the same?   //edit: Andrej's observation is correct; I don't actually have to sign out / in again, clicking commit again works.. Not as it should be though :-)
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We found the issue! It is indeed a time-out issue. It will be fixed in Mendix 7.18.


Everybody, thanks for the posts. FYI: We are looking into this issue already.

  • Does this issue only occur in Mendix 7.17.2?