calculation of a certain value in which there are different margins over a certain time

What i want is to fix this in mendix example of number of investigations: Time 15 years First year of investigation: 100 The first percentage: 1,05 From year 5 - 10: 0,95 From year 10 - 15 : 0,9   Year 1: 100 investigation Year2: (100*1,05)= 105 Year3:(105*1,05)=110 Year4:(110*1,05)=116 Year5:(116*1,05)=121 Year6:(121*0,95)=115 Year10:   *0,9   Does anybody know how to fix this, i have it like this now. but the number of investigations from year 2 to 3 doesnt go correct        
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You can call upon the attribute in the change object of the same object so to say. I made a quick example of object Year, which I create and then Change by using it's own value times 1.05. You can also create a variable and change that value and use that in your change object instead if like that better. Not sure if this is what you meant though