Document Template - Striped Table

Hello, Is there a way to create a table within a document template that auto creates zebra-stripes? My table includes quite a bit of conditional visibility, so hard setting a background color for every other row is not an option (i.e. depending on which rows are shown, I could end up with 2+ rows of the same color). Ideally, I'd input an even/odd type of command. Any ideas?  Thank you!
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You could create a helper entity and an associated entity for the rows of data in your document.  Then determine what rows will be displayed in the microflow that creates the document, pass in the helper entity to a dataview in the doc template and retrieve the rows via association in the template.  If you retrieve the rows into a datagrid or templategrid, you can use the native striping in document templates.

Not sure if that will work for you or not, but that's one idea.