Is there any other way to change the order of WDSL/export mapping element other than rebuilding the domain model?

A client has asked that we add "header" information to an export mapping. It seemed quite simple to add a couple of attributes to the top entity and connect the attributes to each other. Unfortunately, this results in those attributes being exported at the bottom of the XML file.   I'm using a Published Web Service to create a WDSL file which I load into a Consumed Web Service. The latter is in contact with an interlan URL.   Is there really no other way to change the order?   Example XML:   Export mapping:   Export mapping view:  
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I think I found what the problem is.

It was fixed in version 7.4 (Ticket  51991 in

For earlier versions (like 6.10.10 that you are using) you will need to delete the mapping and create it again.