Replace a object in a data grid (replace of some devices)

Hi, i have some objects that are devices, i want in a nice way to fix a button or other user friendly button where you can replace the selected object (device) by a new object (device). I replace the objects( in a particular year).
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I am not sure if I understand the question but this might be a solution:

- Add action button that opens a page which lets you choose from all the product in the DB (make sure you also pass on the selected object. Using a non-persistent entity might be a an option).

- On the page, add a microflow button. In the microflow, retrieve all products from the same year (as the product you have selected in the grid). Create a loop that iterates over the list you just retrieved and replace all the values for the values of the product you want the products replaced with. 

- Commit (and refresh) the list and you're Done