Is there a way to set a default value of a drop-down search field that is not always the same string or an integer?

Hi everyone, I am trying to set a default value on my drop down search field in my data grid that's not always the same string, since the objects in the datagrid depend on an association retrieve listening to another data grid.  Now I want to set one of the values in the drop down search field as the default value, but I have no idea how as I cannot simply input select first or something similar. Does anyone have suggestions? Question first concerned how to use Currentobject but pretty sure it's not supported by now..
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What we have done in similar situation is, we have rebuilt the search of data grid, ofcourse some default functionalities could be missing. But that is the downfall to achieve desired situation.

  1. You can have a custom form with data view of a Non persistent entity, that is a look-alike of search functionality with buttons (for search)
  2. In the microflow that creates or retrieves non persistent entity, you can set default values
  3. The NPE can also have a list of items retrieved from database that will be shown in an inner datagrid with search options disabled
  4. The custom search buttons, will look through the values you fill in the search form and filter the results accordingly and refresh the screen


We have made it and it works flawlessly fine. Although I am not fully sure, how this could respond to listening to another data grid. You could try.


As previously stated, you'll need to build something yourself to achieve this.

What happens often, is you'll go for the easier/cheaper option: 2 tabs, one named (let's use 'Order' for this example) "My Orders" (with a restriction on the current user) and one named "All Orders" (without this restriction).