Data view not editable

Hi everyone,  First of all, the domain model for this issue for reference. I'll give some background of the app before I describe the problem.  It;s a property datebase, where every property has some core information. This is info that all properties on the database will have. One of those is TenureType.  Depending on what Tenure Type is selected depends on what additional information is required. I've added a wizard with step one being for the core info and step two for the additional info, and a microflow which looks at the tenure types and opens a page depending on what tenure type is selected. Some tenure types don't need additional information so it just commits and ends the wizard.  The problem I am having is when editing one of these properties. I've tried several ways... Method 1: Wizard. I decided to use the create wizard as the edit wizard, I eventually decided that it was too much clicking if the user just wants to edit one small detail and dropped that idea. Method 2: One page to rule them all... So I created a page that has all the information on it, Core and every type of additional information with visibility set to only display what the user needs. This seemed to work, but lately they don't seem to be editable. I must have changed something which stops me editing them. Editable is set to yes.  The page is set up with CorePropertyInformation in a date view and all the additional information entities as nested date views (I think that's what nested date view means... A date view within a date view? Please correct me if i'm wrong). Every now and again I do something that makes this work, then eventually I can't edit it, I am not sure what i am changing... Method 3: I decided i'd have different pages for each tenure type and came up with the same problems as method 2.  Microflow: I wondered if the additional information entities were not being given the right data (being within the CorePropertyInformation dateview i'd have thought they would have) So i experimented with a microflow that will pass the data required, I've not been successful.    So my question... does anyone have a suggestion How I can get one of the above methods working. Preferably method 2, or does anyone have a suggestion how I can accomplish what i am trying.  Many thanks! Garion   P.S - Sorry that this so long! I needed to make sure i'd explained it correctly!    
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It seems to me, like you need to make sure that that the objects are existing. They will not be auto generated when generating your main object. If you are using a page with nested dataviews, it might be helpfull to have data source microflows that are retrieving the object if existing and creating it if not existing.

When saving all of this, you should think of what Gerrit said and make sure that everything is commited.

By the way, Is there a special reason to have that many 1to1 associations?