Using the column chart in a data view grid without any objects

Hi, i got a error when i want to show a colomn chart in a data view. The error message is that the selected page expects an objec of the type 'modaliteit' which is not available. How can i fix this. I want to show 1 colomn chart without any objects on the same page only the colomn chart with the Data points. - This are the objects of the entity and of some of these attributes i want to make a colomn chart:  X-as= Jaar aanschaf en y=waarde (investment) How can you use a dataview without any objects and only a chart to show.   Is it not possible just to create a chart en place it on a page without any grid, because you already selected a entity X-as and y-ax  
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This widget is build to require a data view. This means you need to pass an object to the page upon opening or use a datasource for the microflow. To work around this you can simply create a useless entity and create a microflow where you create an object of this entity without committing. Open the page with the column chart and pass the object.