Changes in project file without model changes

Hello Mendix community, Recently I have been getting a fairly odd massages from the modeler from time to time. It says the following: "The project file is modified even though there are no model changes. This can happen because of the file format used for modeler projects." I can't reverse the change(s) for some reason. Which seems odd to me. I'm now committing changes which I can't see properly and thus don't know which changes are being committed exactly.  It doesn't seem to cause any issues but I'm still curious what this means. Is my laptop changing the project file slightly? Can anybody tell me more about this message? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Hessel
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I have also seen this happen. It can easily be reproduced using the following steps (although this might not be the cause of the behavior in this specific case)


1) Open a project with no changes (fresh from teamserver, or right after a successful commit)

2) Make a change in the modeler (e.g. move a microflow step or add a widget to a page) and perform a save 

3) Revert the change you just made


I suspect that it has to do with the fact that the last changed date of the project file is updated, which register as a change for svn although nothing has actually changed..




Hi Hessel,

I have seen something similar before as well. If you open the .project file in an editor there is a <name>-tag which reflects your folder name(?).

If you have main line or any other branch in different folders I think that it will create the modification.

If you have turtoise svn installed you can look at the difference between the base and your changed file to see what differs.




The way the model is stored means that after certain operations the bytes of the mpr file can be different although they represent the same thing. This is nothing to worry about but we need to show a change because SVN sees a different file.