Apply custom configurations for Plotly Pie Chart

I am using Mendix default Plotly Pie chart. I need to sort the pies clockwise (the default setting is counterclockwise) and make the pie text displays values instead of percentages like the second picture. I checked the doc and figured out I need to add this json to my configurations: { "directions": "clockwise", "textinfo": "value" } The json seems to work in Developer mode.     The problem here is I can only make it work in tab "trace 0" when I cannot find the place to put it in the editor.   I have tried putting it in Layout, Custom configurations and Custom series options but none of them works.   Please help.
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If you use AnyChart Plotly Charts you have to place that in the static property (or attribute value)




BTW maybe you need to update, I don't have 'advanced' in the latest marketplace version.