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Hi All, I have built a Responsive web application and now I would like to add a Phone Web offline set of pages to it.   As soon as I added the Phone web offline profile in navigation, I get a LOT of errors about objects that I can’t use in an offline profile:   I don’t understand why I get these errors when I will create different pages for the Offline mode and not use the original pages.   At the moment the project only has “regular web” pages and no offline/native pages.   Is there a way to set these errors to be ignored? Do I have to create a new application for Offline mode?   Thank you
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Your “Phone web offline”  profile does have a home-page set as soon as you do what you did. Have a look at the Navigation. Click on tab “Phone web offline”, and check the homepages. Likely the ‘Default home page’ now is some page that generates all these errors.

Add a new homepage from the start and only add offline-ready widgets.

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Hi Mihai,

For native you need to use nanoflow instead of microflow.