Losing progress using Git with Mendix 10

Hello everyone,   during our development in a project with Mendix 10.1.1 we experienced that pushed progress gets lost. After playing around with a vanilla project, we found out, that it seemed that the problem occurs if...   User A pushes progress. User B pulls progress BUT does not instantly push the pulled changes. User B has now the changes from User A locally. User B decides to work on something specific, in this case, he repositioned an entity in the domain model, in order to get a better overview of the domain model. User A decides in the meantime to also “clean up” the domain model, but in a different way. User A is faster than User B and pushes first. User B is finished and wants to push his changes (and the pulled changes from User A’s first push). He has to pull again, due to User A’s second push.   From our perspective, we would expect, that there should be some sort of merge conflict. Unfortunately, there is none. User A’s changes seemed to be ignored, as if they never happened.   It’s possible to recover the data and in that case, we would  need to know which exact commit the changes belongs to. We have a lot of developers working on the project (around 15 people). Therefore there are lots of commits and furthermore, we dont necessary realize when data is lost, because we dont get any feedback, that there is an issue.   Does anyone have the same or similiar experiences with that problem using Git with Mendix or Mendix 10? How would you handle that? To recreate the problem, it’s enough to just move 1 entity in the domain module by both Users.  
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