Error with datagrid filter widget and Mendix 9.24.2

The latest Mendix release has caused a problem when using the comparison widget for the datagrid in combination with filtering on date ranges. Doing so causes the following error in the console and the field to disappear on screen: [Client] TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'mode')     at j.<computed>.E._adjustDateCondition (mxui.js?638203043261480072:5:385543)     at j.<computed>.E._buildDateQuery (mxui.js?638203043261480072:5:385923)     at j.<computed>.E.<anonymous> (mxui.js?638203043261480072:5:389728)     at mxui.js?638203043261480072:5:27262     at (mxui.js?638203043261480072:5:31522)     at j.<computed>.E._getQueryAttr (mxui.js?638203043261480072:5:389568)     at j.<computed>.E._getSearchConstraint (GridSearchMX.js?638203043261480072:218:43)     at j.<computed>.E._getSearchConstraintAllSearchBoxes (Core.js?638203043261480072:240:52)     at j.<computed>.E.<anonymous> (Core.js?638203043261480072:114:28)     at j.<computed>.E.a [as _searchGetConstraints] (mxui.js?638203043261480072:5:55401) Anyone an idea what could have caused this? Was fine with Mendix 9.18. All other fields work fine, except the date range which is very important for one of our screens.   Reproducable with a new project, datagrid, gridsearch widget/comparison.
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Not sure but you can clean your deployment files and sync app once.