MakeItNative not working after Studio Pro 9.24 update

Hi all, I just updated my project to Mendix 9.24.1. After the update, MakeItNative is not working any longer. This is the error log: ViewPropTypes has been removed from React Native. Migrate to ViewPropTypes exported from 'deprecated-react-native-prop-types'. Stack: invariant@ ViewPropTypes@ node_modulesReactNativeCalendarsSrcCalendarIndexJs@ __webpack_require__@ node_modulesReactNativeCalendarsSrcIndexJs@ __webpack_require__@ srcComponentsCalendarInitTsx@ __webpack_require__@ srcCalendarNativeWidgetTsx@ __webpack_require__@ @ @ loadModuleImplementation@ @ loadModuleImplementation@ @ loadModuleImplementation@ guardedLoadModule@ registerPages@ @ @ generatorResume@[native code] asyncGeneratorStep@ _next@ tryCallOne@ @ @ _callTimer@ _callReactNativeMicrotasksPass@ callReactNativeMicrotasks@ __callReactNativeMicrotasks@ @ __guard@ flushedQueue@ flushedQueue@[native code] invokeCallbackAndReturnFlushedQueue@[native code]  Doe anyone know how to resolve this?   UPDATE: The Mendix Native Calendar ( is causing the issue. I was able to run the project again after removing this widget. I now have to figure out how to fix the widget, because I need it...
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I had the same problem in a custom component that has "react-native-camera" as a dependency: "4.2.1".

A temporary solution was to use the procedure from this link, but for that, you would have to have access to the component sources (Mendix Native Calendar).


Good luck!