In datagrid, How can I change the position of control bar button and shift it to bottom of the page?

I want to use the control bar button ,but need to place it at the bottom of the page. If I use other button for the purpose then it is giving me error of unmatching arguements.
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Hi Vivek,


Thanks for asking. Some default widgets, such as the original datagrid, are following some UX best practices. Without some styling and/or JS, it's not possible to position the buttons below the data by default.


To accomplish this, you could investigate if the datagrid 2 offers you enough flexibility. Otherwise, custom styling or another implementation (with a listview, for example) could help you proceed.


Hello Vivek,


What you could do is this:

- Place a dataview below the datagrid

- Set the datasource as listen to widget and select your grid

- Place an action button with the same microflow as your control bar button, in the dataview


Please let me know if this works out for you.