ListView should only show entries for this project but shows all

Hi there, I work on an entry form for a project. Within that project you can have multiple work packages. I created a list view in my form page with a kind of a shopping cart logic (users can add as many work packages per project as they like) using a ListView. However, the ListView always shows all work packages from the database instead of only the ones relevant for this project. How can I restrict the ListView to only show project relevant WorkPackages? Thank you!
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One way to do this would be to put an xpath on the list that restricts the retrieved list to those on the project. 

So, instead of selecting database, you select xpath and fill it with your relevant association:


Hey Philipp,

Inside the list views/dataview of the Project, add another listview, and set it’s data source to database, and you can choose the association,

You can refer to the image below,

You can choose from this association,


Let me know if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!


Hi Philip,

I agree with Eline, Either you can use Xpath or you can also use microflow by retrieving Account then retrieve customer then you can retreive work packages of particular project by association. I have also used same logic in my shopping cart functionality and its working.

May it helps you.




Below is an image of my domain model. 

I have a few other entities (as you probably can see) that work the same way as the work package (or should work the same way).

I tried this XPath

[Cycle.WorkPackage_SoWProject = $currentObject]

in the data source of the list view. This however leads to the problem, that no work package is shown anymore, once I tried to add new ones to the project.


I had a huge facepalm moment … as they say in Germany sometimes you don’t see the forest because of all the trees.

I adjusted my initial “create workpackage” microflow to retrieve the current SoW_Project from the database and then simply set this while creating a new workpackage in the “Create” activity of my microflow. Now it works.