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Hello community. A friend of mine recommended Mendix who worked at Mendix as well. I signed up for Rapid Developer course in academy and so far liking what I see. Great documentation and courses.   I was wondering if Mendix Studio Pro for macOS is in the works and can expect in near future. I checked the forum and no one has asked that question so far. I do not own Windows machine and would like to continue to learn preferably on my Mac without having to install parallal desktop and stuff (battery, perfoarmance and other issues that come with). Would appreciate if someone from the company can provide some insight.    Cheers!   
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Apologies, new here, so unsure on etiquette around older posts, but this was the first one I found when searching for answers to the MacOS problem.


I would add that this lack of native MacOS app is the most disappointing aspect of my Mendix journey so far.


I know it’s possible to run a Windows image on my Mac, but the extra complexity, load on my machine, another license, blah blah. It just means I’m limited to proving the idea only when I’m in an office, which is kind of a pain in the rear end at the minute.


Mendix is planning to merge Studio and Studio Pro into one IDE starting with Mendix 10. General Availability will be June 2023, with Beta in April. They claim to base Mendix 10 on Studio Pro.


As Studio was web-based, it would be valid to assume Mendix 10 to be cross-platform or even web-based itself. Mendix 10 will also get rid of some features (e.g. svn support), so it also seems like a clean-up process the dev team is currently doing.


Stay strong and keep hopes up!


I develop Mendix applications on my Mac, so it’s certainly possible.

I have Parallels Pro running Windows 10 setup on my Macbook. I have an older Intel based Mac as that means I can run all versions of Studio Pro. If you have a newer M1 based Mac you will only be able to run Mendix 9 MTS versions, or versions of Mendix 9.9.1 or later.

I hope this helps.


Hi Rohan,


Here you can find the instructions how to install Mx Studio Pro on a Mac.

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