CE6093 - Theme compilation error.

Hi, After the Upgradation of Applications from Mendix version 9.6.0 to Mendix version 9.12.0. I am facing the following error:     To resolve this error, we tried the following : Checked if our files are in C drive. Followed the migration steps (Data Widgets | Mendix Documentation) to import Data Widgets module in place of Data Grid module. Rename the current DataGrid module (under Marketplace modules) to DataWidgets in Studio Pro. Open the Marketplace and search for Data Widgets. Download and replace the current (renamed) DataWidgets module.   After this also the error is unresolved.  How can i solve this ?
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Hey there,

have you tried doing the following:

  1. Update all widgets within your application
  2. Check if you updated to Atlas 3 or still in Atlas 2, this can have an effect: LINK
  3. Check if you have to change some settings for the DataWidgets LINK

I see this issue as well with MX Studio and cannot see (or find) any solution yet to it.


The MX Studio is on 9.19.


I have also faced same issue, go to version control and give update, then there will be no error.


The Following has resolved the error:

Add the feature flag: --max-sass-compile-time=60000 to the shortcut for the version you are using.

   1.Right click the shortcut of the Studio Pro version you will apply the feature flag



   2.Go to Properties

   3.Within "Shortcut" add --max-sass-compile-time=60000 to the end of the target path.



4.Click Apply

   5.Open the version again using the shortcut.