Mendix Private Cloud Using EKS

Hi Team,                  I am Facing the following warning from the master pod when I deploy my Mendix application into private cloud. The build process was successfully completed by build pod and pushed to the ECR registry, After that the master pod is showing the following unhealthy warning, and the worker pod hasn’t started yet..   Unhealthy, Readiness probe failed: Get “http://192.168.186.**:8080/” : dial 192.168.186.**:8080: connect: connection refused. Note: I have attached the following screenshots below.     Note: In the above Image you can see the build and runtime is showing success.    operatorconfiguration file: # Please edit the object below. Lines beginning with a '#' will be ignored, # and an empty file will abort the edit. If an error occurs while saving this file will be # reopened with the relevant failures. # apiVersion: kind: OperatorConfiguration metadata: annotations: | {"apiVersion":"","kind":"OperatorConfiguration","metadata":{"annotations":{},"name":"mendix-operator-configuration","namespace":"latest"},"spec":{"buildResources":{"limits":{"cpu":"1","memory":"256Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"250m","memory":"64Mi"}},"buildRuntimeBaseImage":"{{.MxRuntimeVersion}}-rhel","endpoint":{"type":"ingress"},"metricsSidecarResources":{"limits":{"cpu":"100m","memory":"32Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"100m","memory":"16Mi"}},"runtimeMetricsConfiguration":{"interval":"PT1M","mode":"native"},"runtimeResources":{"limits":{"cpu":"1000m","memory":"512Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"100m","memory":"512Mi"}},"sidecarResources":{"limits":{"cpu":"1","memory":"2000Mi"},"requests":{"cpu":"100m","memory":"512Mi"}}}} creationTimestamp: "2022-04-21T05:18:52Z" generation: 5 name: mendix-operator-configuration namespace: latest resourceVersion: "8432635" uid: 88cbcf55-6bd4-4b3d-bc49-7152be1926e0 spec: buildResources: limits: cpu: "1" memory: 256Mi requests: cpu: 250m memory: 64Mi buildRuntimeBaseImage:{{.MxRuntimeVersion}}-rhel endpoint: ingress: annotations: 500m domain: latest enableTLS: false path: / serviceAnnotations: ip internet-facing external servicePorts: - 80 - 443 serviceType: LoadBalancer type: ingress metricsSidecarResources: limits: cpu: 100m memory: 32Mi requests: cpu: 100m memory: 16Mi registry: credentials: mendix-registry-ecr-secret imageNameTemplate: p7f7n4p0/mocecr:{{.Name}} pullURL: pushURL: type: ecr runtimeMetricsConfiguration: interval: PT1M mode: native runtimeResources: limits: cpu: 1000m memory: 512Mi requests: cpu: 100m memory: 512Mi sidecarResources: limits: cpu: 1 memory: 2000Mi requests: cpu: 100m memory: 512Mi     Should I be adding something in the  operatorconfiguration file. I request you to please provide me a solution for clearing the error.  
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Has the root cause for this issue been identified? I’m having the same issue with AKS that I get the following warning messages every once in a few hours.


16m         Warning   Unhealthy                   pod/poc-master-9fdfcbd78-zfkjf            Startup probe failed: Get "": dial tcp connect: connection refused
17m         Warning   Unhealthy                   pod/poc-master-9fdfcbd78-zfkjf            Readiness probe failed: Get "": dial tcp connect: connection refused