Error with a pluggable widget using Mendix Studio Pro 9.10

Hi All! I’m trying to create a new pluggable widget using the latest version of mendix studio pro. Everything works as expected until I try to see my custom widget in a simulator (bluestacks). When I open my app there, an error is raised and the following message appears in the console: NativeFileSystem.fileExists is not a function. (In 'NativeFileSystem.fileExists(relativeToDocumentsAbsolutePath(legacyRelativeFilesDirectory))', 'NativeFileSystem.fileExists' is undefined) _callee26$@ tryCatch@ invoke@ tryCatch@ invoke@ tryCallOne@ _callTimer@ _callImmediatesPass@ callImmediates@ __callImmediates@ __guard@ flushedQueue@ flushedQueue@[native code] invokeCallbackAndReturnFlushedQueue@[native code] I have tried other versions of studio pro and the widget doesn’t cause any issue. If someone could help me with this problem I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Emilio
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Does this also happen on an actual device? If you use an older version of the widget tools, does it work then? 

If your widget does not have native dependencies of its own, can you test it using the Make It Native app on a device?

If you can make it work using a previous version of the widget tools and it breaks after upgrading to the latest tools, this could be an issue with the widget tools. Submit a ticket to Mendix support in that case.

Be sure to eliminate any other issues as Mendix support does not debug your widget!