Button visibility only for a specific UserRole

I have 4 UserRoles which I am using: Anonymous (before a person is registered), Member, Official and Admin. The Member is the basic membership so to speak and the Official has more possibilities in the App than the member and the Admin can do everything. The Admin can edit all the details of any Official and Member. The Member can not even see the Edit screen because the Member should not have these rights. My goal is to make the Edit Button visible for the Officials but ONLY the Edit Buttons of users who have Member as the UserRole. How can I do this? I know I can use [id='[%UserRole_Member%]'] for the XPath of a Input Reference Set Selector so I only see Member as a selectable UserRole but that is already when I am in the Edit screen. Now I need to do something similar so I only see the Edit button if the user is a Member.
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Hi Michael,

If I got you correctly, you only want the Official role to manage and see the user who has the Member role, you can manage that from the security of the project under the User Management to select which Role the selected role can manage:



Not exactly,

in the Screenshot you can see 5 users.

Michael B, Timo P, Dave A are all assigned the Administrator UserRole. The Users Test4 and Test5 are only assigned the “Member” UserRole.

I want to change the Bearbeiten(Edit)-Button so that the Official of the app can only see the Edit Button if the user has the “Member” UserRole assigned.

I do not know if this is possible but that is my goal.