Navigate a page with pop-up message

Hi everyone, while User creating a request, unfortunately  if user moves to another page on click on navigation menu, user must be notified with a pop-up  message(stating  Do you want to leave this page)before he navigated from current page. 1.User creating a Request page. 2.There is side bar Navigation. 3.By mistake he clicks on navigation menu, Page blocking required (Please save the record) like that. Please suggest any ideas on this functionality, that could be more help full to us. Thank you  
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The navigation item should be call microflow, and you should call a microflow that will open the page that you want. Now, you will need to go to the microflow settings and then switch on Ask confirmation. You can then configure the question that will be asked to the user when he/she clicks on the navigation item. The user will then have a proceed button and a cancel button.



Is the Exit Intent (Wait don't go) widget perhaps somethings that could help you?