Deep Link anonymous Login always redirects to Home Page

Hi Experts, I got a case where I need to open a deeplink to path http://localhost:8089/link/Approval_Page. Seems like the DeepLinkHome microflow executes if I call that URL when I am logged in, however it keeps redirecting me to my login page, then to  http://localhost:8089/link/Home_Page when I try to access the /Approval_Page link as an Anonymous user after logging in.  Is there something that I probably missed in the configuration? Please advise me on this matter. Cheers!  
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I had similar issue and my solution was to check all roles and permissions and check if you have Role Based home pages. If so you need to remove role based home pages and you need to redirect to appropriate home pages for different roles inside your DeepLinkHome Microflow . 

Those were my issues and those fixed my problems


And one more thing I’ve done in app start is following :

In change deep link activity I’ve done following: